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Cooden Homestay

Each week… Ten hours’ one-to-one tuition - or two- or three-to-one tuition if students come together - focusing on any requested areas or those areas we feel need attention. Tutors are qualified professionals holding Trinity TESOL certificates.

A daily record of lessons and outings. Students sign the record at the end of each day and you will receive a copy at the end of the stay.

One full-day outing, perhaps to Brighton, Dover, Canterbury or London. If you have a particular preference or suggestion, please feel free to discuss this with us. The cost is included in the weekly charge. Two short outings such as the cinema, swimming or local sight-seeing. The cost is included in the weekly charge.

All snacks and drinks away from the house; all admission fees and travel costs.

Laundry - we are happy to wash and dry students’ clothes (within reason!)

What our courses include…